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At Crimson Publishing, we know that seeing is believing, and therefore always encourage our authors and academia to find creative and different ways to display their research work. Though the kind of work presented here is complex, it is also very interesting. Science as a subject is full of wonder and the best way to encapsulate that is through videos, using either simple illustrations or just research elements displayed on a screen. A single video will be more engaging than pages filled with words and that is why we’re encouraging authors to submit videos along with their manuscripts to increase the impact of the their work and helping them engage with their audience.

Agnieszka Latawiec *
Published :7月,2019年

ys yang *
Data-Constrained Modelling of Material Microstructures and Properties Microstructures and Properties
Published :2018年4月12日

Mario Ciampolini *
Published :February 08, 2018

What requirements should my video article fulfil?

  • 该视频旨在支持手稿,不得在没有任何书面材料的情况下接受
  • Every manuscript must have the following arrangement:
  • 标题
  • Authors Names and affiliations
  • Contact details of at least one author
  • Keywords
  • 抽象的
  • Introduction
  • Followed Protocol
  • 图像和表格
  • 结果
  • Discussion
  • 承认
  • 披露(利息陈述)
  • Used reagents and equipment's
  • 参考

Who is eligible to apply for grants:

  • Any scientific author or editor is eligible to apply.
  • 只有Crimson的出版物的编辑委员会被授权选择将获得那些赠款的候选人。

How will I know my submission was successful?


How will I know my submission was unsuccessful?