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We offer variety of membership plans for our research scholars, scientists, professors, authors, reviewers, editors and students. We utilize the funds received from the membership towards covering the Article Processing Charges, Grants, Financial Aid to young scholars and researchers. The Membership plan is made available so as to discount the authors from paying the Article Processing Charges and also to extend the benefits. The tailor made Membership plans are provided to match the interests of our authors.

与Crimson Publishers会员资格的好处

  • 节省时间和方便:消除机构的行政负担
  • Cost-effective: Suitable plans of Membership to meet the needs of the individual requirements and budgets
  • 增加组织的曝光
  • Free email updates and receives Newsletters
  • Intangible benefits include waivers on publications, discounts on events, conferences organized by the publisher, improves the prospects of career development and funding opportunities
  • 作者在会员资格的规定时间段内发布无限制的手稿。在纳入会员资格的所有作者和共同作者的文章中提供了一个很好的豁免
  • Ensures a hassle-free reviewing process in the publishing and assures a faster, convenient publishing of the submitted manuscript

More coverage to the members of organization

Scientific societies/corporate companies/universities/institutes/individuals/students can avail the Membership benefits.


个人membership is available to post-doctoral fellows, research scholars, assistant/associate professors, professors & another category of people in academics and research.

  • Member can submit unsolicited number of articles to any of the Crimson journals
  • Member will get waiver on registration for any one Crimson conference
  • 会员将获得来自深红色的年度成员资格证明


Institutional membership is available to all the universities, research institutes that cover the scientific and technical branches. By which they will get an opportunity to publish articles in bulk, of their university staff and students.

Corporate companies

Crimson offers membership for corporate companies, which facilitates companies to tie up with us in all the events organized by our group throughout the world. By this, both the parties get a chance to promote each other.

Annual membership

  • A member can submit a spontaneous number of articles to any of our journals.
  • 会员将获得豁免注册我们的出版商组织的事件。
  • 会员将从发布商那里获得着名的年度会员资格证明。


  • A member can submit a spontaneous number of articles to any of the Crimson journals.
  • 会员将在任何两个深红色会议上注册豁免。
  • Member will get a prestigious certificate of three-year membership from Crimson.
  • Member can submit maximum of 2 chapters of their research work in any of the proposed e-books of Crimson for free of cost.


  • A member can submit spontaneous number of articles to any of the Crimson journals
  • Member will get a waiver on registration for any four Crimson conferences
  • 会员将获得深红色的五年成员资格证明。
Type 1 Year 2年 3 Years 5 Years
Student 1949年 $2436 $ 2924. $3899
个人 $2436 $ 2924. $3899 $4874
Scientific Societies $3411 $ 4386. $ 5361. $ 6336.
Research Institutes/Companies $3509 $ 4484. 5459美元 6434美元
University (Group) $ 4484. 5459美元 6434美元 7409美元
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