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General Duties and Responsibilities of Editors

  • All the published content in the journals is the sole responsibility of the editors
  • 确保通过不断的努力实现读者和作者的需求和要求
  • 采取努力来检查日志的质量参数,并确保程序到位进行检查
  • 对表达自由提供高价值,始终保持完整性
  • Never anticipates commercial considerations jeopardize the intellectual and ethical standards
  • 随时可以发布更正,澄清,撤退以及如果需要,可以出现澄清,澄清,撤退和道歉
  • Readers needed to be informed who had sponsored the research work and their exact role
  • 接受或拒绝发布稿件的决定纯粹基于编辑的决定采取参数,例如研究的重要性,相关性,有效性以及考虑的清晰度
  • The description on the peer review processes and published guidance is provided to the authors; any deviation from this will be properly communicated with them and appeal against editorial decision is explained
  • 审核人员被指示将提交的材料视为机密,并且总是提醒审查隐私
  • 寻求研究人员的保证,该研究已被制度审查机构和研究伦理委员会批准;但是,这种批准并不能保证研究是道德的
  • After seeking advice to resolve the alleged misconduct by the author, if the problem still persists, the editor shall persuade the employer or the appropriate body such as the National Committee on Research Ethics and Integrity
  • The editors must ensure all the published articles are properly and permanently archived in databases such as PubMed etc.
  • The editors must ensure that the publishers abide by the laws of intellectual property rights and conventions and not to breach them by any means
  • The editors must have policies and systems in place as the commercial considerations not to affect their decisions and should have declared policies on publishing sponsorship supplements in the journal or any advertisements in the journal


  • 始终开放才能收到作者,审稿人和编辑委员会成员的评论,意见,以改善期刊的程序
  • Keeping them updated with the developments in the peer review process and in accordance with the new findings publishing and asserting the journal’s procedures
  • Steps to curtail on practices of any research and publication misconduct
  • 在教育研究人员方面的良好做法方面的持续支持
  • 跟踪日记政策影响作者和评审者行为的方式,并因此修改政策鼓励负责任的行为
  • 通过任何新闻稿反映报告文章的信息,并将其放入视角
  • 确保已发表的报告,研究和统计分析的审查是由主管人员进行的
  • 识别未对等待的部分审查,并倡导使用适当的指导方针,清单和流程,以确保准确,完整和清晰的报告
  • 采用良好的作者实践,避免了旨在为揭露非研究文章的透明政策
  • 足够的信息传递给读者教育他们所有公布的文章都收到了无偏见的客观评估